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This site provides information about one of America's greatest storytellers, Ray Bradbury. Use the menu at left to explore. 

-Ray Bradbury

Despite their efforts to resist, the Martians become victims of human colonization. The colonists face their own crisis when Earth is destroyed by nuclear war. Presented as a series of short stories, this novel reflects many post-war social concerns. Written at the threshold of the space age, this book highlights the strengths and failings of human nature when faced with a new frontier.

FAHRENHEIT 451  (1953)
In a future where the written
word is forbidden, "firemen" are charged with finding and burning down hidden libraries. Fireman Guy Montag enjoys his job until a young girl tells him of a time when people were free and books were legal. Montag begins to salvage and hide books, but must run for his life when his crime is discovered.

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