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Our High-Tech WorkstationGoogie is an under-appreciated, all-American form of architecture. 

Like the era it reflected, Googie combined pride in our past, faith in our future and a typically American sense of humor.

Through the miracle of modern technology, (shown at right), Googie Architecture Online has been encouraging the preservation and appreciation of Googie since 1998.

Why Googie?

People ask why I created a website about Googie? Here are a few of the many reasons:

  • I grew up in Southern California, surrounded by Googie, and have always been interested in local history.  
  • My link to all things "Space Age" was sealed the moment I was born, near a missile test range, during a ground-shaking launch. 
  • When I got my first pair of glasses as a toddler, the first thing I saw clearly was the inside of a Bob's Big Boy coffee shop. I doubt this really has anything to do anything -- But the subconscious mind is an odd thing... 
  • I had a unique professional vantage point from which to view the redevelopment of the Anaheim Resort Area. I could say more, but the black helicopters would surely whisk me away in the night.
  • I wanted to build a website that gave me an excuse to write and use my camera. 
  • Googie is an interesting topic that hasn't been done to death.
  • I greatly enjoyed Alan Hess' book, Googie: Fifties Coffee Shop Architecture.

At this point, Googie Architecture Online has taken on a life of it's own. It seems I'm constantly meeting fascinating people and learning new things as a result of maintaining this site. It's been quite a ride so far, and I look forward to seeing where the road goes from here.  

Chris Jepsen