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This page is a linked index of images from the Anaheim Googie Archive. This great resource is the result of efforts by history archivist Jane Newell of the Anaheim Central Library's History Room.

If you visit Anaheim, be sure to see the History Room and the archives for yourself. 

Any donations of googie-related photos, postcards, brochures, etc. may be mailed to the library at this address:

Anaheim Central Library
History Room, 2nd Floor
500 W. Broadway, Anaheim, CA 92805

Photos From The Archives

Anaheim: Future Unlimited: The cover of a booklet published in 1962 by the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce. Googie imagery and space age sentiments are paired to tout the city's virtues.

Walker's Coffee Shop, 1225 N. Euclid Ave. -- One of the finest examples of googie in Anaheim. The building's shape, windows, sign, lighting and decor are all classic examples of the style. Now demolished.

Satellite Shopland, Katella Way -- This is the sputnik atop the now-demolished Satellite Shopland sign with its original colors. See what it looked like when it was taken down in 1998 in the Anaheim Resort gallery.

The Anaheim Strip -- Looking south on Harbor Blvd. at dusk, circa 1986. This photo shows what the myriad neon motel and coffee shop signs looked like across from Disneyland during googie's heyday. Note the wonderful Tropicana sign in the foreground. Also, take a look at the same terrain, viewed from the north (looking toward Katella,) two years later.

White Front Store, 2222 S. Harbor Blvd.

Anaheim Poodle Parlor, 1563 W. Lincoln Ave. -- An ordinary storefront is gussied-up with flagcrete and a very googie-esque sign.

Disneyland Hotel Monorail Station, West St., 1962 -- Although the monorail went through several incarnations, the station stayed much the same until it was demolished in 1999.

Quality Concrete, 1659 Lincoln Ave. -- No googie here per se, but lots of tikis! This was at least one source of the Polynesian-pop decor which was so common in Southern California during the 1950s and 60s.

Pixie Motel, Katella Ave. -- The Pixie was later stripped of it's googie facade and renamed The Magic Carpet Motel. The sign was removed in 1999 as part of the Anaheim Resort renovation. Also see this close-up of the Pixie sign.

Anaheim Public Library -- This is a branch library circa 1962. The Anaheim Central Library also has numerous googie features.

Brookhurst Park, at Brookhurst and Lincoln (Photos by J. Newell) -- Jane Newell was the first to document this park as being part of Anaheim's googie heritage. City crews built the amazing lunar landscape from scratch in the early 1970s. Among the craters and rock formations are kid-sized rockets and flying saucers.

Public Park -- (Photo by J. Newell) Another Anaheim public park. This playground features a rocket and an actual Korean War era jet fighter covered in concrete.

Anthony Pools, 2050 S. Harbor Blvd. -- Note the screen in the background as well as the shade structures and landscaping.

Buzza Cardozo Greeting Cards, 1500 S. Los Angeles St.

Starlite Lodge sign

Hardin Oldsmobile sign, 252 N. Los Angeles St., 1958 -- Re-touched in photoshop. The original color scheme is unknown.

Kona Motel sign, Brookhurst Ave. -- A night view of a sign that's still standing (as of January 2000).

Eden Roc Motel, 1830 S. West St., (Photo by J. English) -- The sign is gone, but the motel continues, in all its boomerang-shaped glory, as the Parkside Inn. (Photos of the Parkside Inn are available on the Anaheim Resort gallery.)

Kona Kai Motel sign -- S. West St. (Photo by R. Heubner) -- Next door to the Eden Roc.

Skyview Motel sign, 1126 W. Katella Ave. -- Also see this color postcard from the collection of J. Lileks.

Sambo's Restaurant, 1100 W. Katella Ave. -- Also see this animation of the lighted "storyboard," which appeared above the coffee counter at many Sambo's restaurants. (Animation by C. Jepsen)

Odyssey Restaurant, 1490 S. Anaheim Blvd. -- This googie coffee shop had an Ancient Greek/Roman theme. The archives also include an image of the interior of the Odyssey.

The Polynesian Motel sign, Brookhurst Ave. -- This sign has been demolished.

Global Van Lines, International Headquarters, 1 Global Way

Lyndy's Coffee Shop & Motel sign, Beach Blvd. near Ball Rd. (Photo by R. Heubner) -- Note the original font, spelling out "Lyndy's." Also see R. Heubner's photo of the Lyndy's Motel building.

Anchor Motel sign, 1538 E. Center -- This actually has more in common with pre-googie (1940s & early 1950s) signs. However, it certainly added to the colorful commercial landscape. Call it "quasi-proto-googie."

Brookhurst Theater, Brookhurst St. (Photo by R. Heubner, 1986)

Oasis Motel sign -- Also see this photo taken at night.

Musketeer Motel sign

Heidi Motel sign (Photo by R. Heubner)

Bahia Motel, 823 S. Beach Blvd.

Stovall's Motor Inn, 1110 W. Katella Ave. (Photo by J. Newell) -- Formerly known as Stovall's Space Age Motel, one of the few remaining googie features are these colorful windows and the geodesic domes near the pool. (Dome photo by J. English.)

Anaheim Bowl sign, 1925 West Lincoln Ave. (Photo by L. Ortiz) -- This 1988 photo from the Orange County Register shows owner Terry Brutocao in front of the Anaheim Bowl.

Islander Motel, 424 W. Katella Ave. (Postcard)

Top's Motel & Coffee Shop sign, 909 S. Harbor -- Also see this interior view of the coffee shop.

Carousel Motel, 1530 S. Harbor Blvd.

Robin Hood Motel sign, Beach Blvd. -- Pre-Googie roadside sign.

Ben Key Pools sign, Harbor Blvd.

Mardi Gras Motel sign, Lincoln Ave.

Lin Brook Inn sign, Lincoln Ave. -- In poor condition, but still standing.

Fantasy Motel sign

Kettle Motor Hotel -- This was undoubtedly a Howard Johnson's Motel. It's unclear if this falls under the classification of googie.

Anaheim Convention Center, 800 W. Katella Ave. (Postcard)

(All photos used by permission of the Anaheim History Archives. The notes for each photo above are the product of Googie Architecture On-line and are in no way reflective of the views of Ms. Newell, the City of Anaheim, nor the Anaheim Public Library.)