A temporary and haphazard collection of Googie images. This should all be integrated (in a more organized manner) in the upcoming overhaul of the Googie Gallery.

Rossmoor Bowl, Seal Beach Blvd., Rossmoor, CA (photo by C. Jepsen)
Verona Bowling Center, Albany Ave., Pleasantville, NJ -- A standard interior
Town 'N' Country Lanes, Wayne, Michigan (postcard)
Covina Bowl (sign), West Covina, CA (photo by John English)

Biff's, Oakland, CA, Armet & Davis illus. (Image from Friends of Biff's)
Biff's main dining room (Image from Friends of Biff's)
Blount's, Carlsbad, NM -- Owned by Byrl Blount
The Brahma, 17th St., Ocala, FL (postcard)
Deauville Diner, East Brunswick, NJ (postcard courtesy J. Lileks)
Denny's, interior, 1954
Hody's, Los Angeles -- Exterior, night (postcard)
Hody's, Los Angeles -- Exterior, day (postcard courtesy J. Lileks)
Hody's, Los Angeles -- Interior (postcard)
Holly House, Salton City, CA
Holly's, Hawthorne CA
Kip's Big Boy, Texas, Armet & Davis (photo by Louis Swortz)
Lendy's Big Boy, Ward's Rd., Lynchburg, VA
Lendy's (exterior), Madison Heights, VA
Lendy's (interior), Madison Heights, VA
Lyn's Cafe (sign), Route 99, CA (photo courtesy PlanetSOMA)
Mac's (interior), Rochester, MN (postcard courtesy J. Lileks)
Nixon's, Whittier, CA (owned by relatives of President Nixon)
Norm's (Now King Taco), Pacific Coast Hwy., Long Beach, CA, Armet & Davis (photos by C. Jepsen)
More photos of Norm's Long Beach:
Door detail, interior view, side view
Parasol Coffee Shop, Seal Beach Blvd., Rossmoor, CA (photo by C. Jepsen)
Parasol Coffee Shop (interior) (photo by C. Jepsen)
Parasol Coffee Shop (postcard showing original colors)
Polly Davis' Beefseekers' Inn/Cafeteria
Roy's, Route 66, Bakersfield, CA (photo courtesy PlanetSOMA)
Sambo's -- Animation showing the storyboards that appeared in Sambo's coffee shops
Sherman's Delicatessen, Palm Springs, CA (demolished)
Truman's Coffee Shop -- Another one named after a president?
Village Restaurant, Myrtle Beach (postcard courtesy J. Lileks)
Wichstand, Slauson at Overhill, Los Angeles, CA, Armet & Davis, 1957

Monsanto Plastics Home of the Future (postcard) -- Night view
Space Station X-1 -- Allowed visitors a view of Earth from space
Kaiser Alumninum Telescope (postcard)
Monorail Cafe menu, from the Disneyland Hotel Complex, 1998
Tomorrowland Spaceman (photo by C. Jepsen)
World Clock (photo from rlmsoft)
Monorail Plaza, Disneyland Hotel (Demolished 1999)
Redd Rockett's Pizza Port logo, 1998 -- An example of neo-googie

Las Vegas Sign
The New Frontier, 1950s
The Mint, Freemont St., 1960s
Hacienda (sign)
The Landmark
McCarran International Airport (sign), 1990s
Orbit Inn (tiny postcard image)
Del Mar Motel (proto-googie?)
Dunes -- Note "The Dome of the Sea's" similarity to the LAX Theme Building
The Sands, 1952, (photo by Howard Klein)
The Stardust, 1958 -- Featuring the Aku Aku Restaurant
The Stardust -- Another view (postcard)

Theme Building, LAX (postcard)
Sundown Drive-In Theater
Chemosphere, John Lautner
Capitol Records Building, a view from Hollywood and Vine in the 1960s
Capitol Records Building, another view
VIP Records, Pacific Coast Hwy., Long Beach (photo by C. Jepsen)

These buildings are close cousins to googie
Alibaba Motel, Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA (photo by C. Jepsen)
Motel Safari (sign), Tucumcari, NM
Sahara Motel, 845 S. Stanton Ave., Anaheim, CA, 1960
Aladdin Hotel, Las Vegas, NV (postcard)
Mecca Motel (sign), 1544 S. Harbor Blvd., Anaheim, CA (photo from brochure)
Dunes Hotel, 3650 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV, 1955

Astro Motel, 326 E. Colorado St., Glendale, CA
Ascot Motel, Atlantic City, NJ
Bel Aire Motel, Williams, AZ
Desert Sky Hotel (sign), 3541 E. Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ (postcard)
DiLido, Wildwoods, NJ (image from the DooWop Preservation Society)
Drake Motel, Chattenooga, TN
Glen Canyon Motel, Page, AZ
Howard Johnson's, 1959
Imperial 400 Motel, Willcox, AZ
Porter House, Show Low, AZ (postcard)
Richmond Arms Motel, 3304 E. Main St., Richmond, Indiana
Satellite Motel, 2305 N. Glenstone, Springfield, MO
Sea Dip Motel, Florida
Seafair Motel, 9100 Aurora Ave., Seattle, WA
The Surf, 13040 Gulf Blvd., St. Petersburg, FL
Tides Motel, Fort Meyers, FL
Townhouse Motel, 607 E. Yakima Ave., Yakima, WA (postcard)
Tropics Motel, Phoenix, AZ (postcard)
Urbana Motel, Urbana, IL, 1962 (small postcard image)
Valli-Hai Motel, Medford, OR (postcard)
Vandenberg Motel, Vandenberg Village, CA (poor quality image)

Orange County, CA photos by C. Jepsen, unless otherwise indicated
Anaheim Liquor, Euclid Ave. at Ball Rd., Anaheim
Baptist Church, Tustin
Baptist Church (rear view), Tustin
Satellite Shopland - Their ironic replacement sign
The Big A, Angels Stadium/Edison Field, Anaheim
Orange Olive Market (sign), Orange (photo by Bob Hiles)
Commercial Building (landscaping), 17th St., Costa Mesa
Anaheim Convention Center (postcard), Anaheim
Saga Motel (sign), Harbor Blvd., Anaheim, CA

From Eric Carlson's "San Jose Soft Underbelly"
Liquor Store (sign), San Carlos St.
Terrazo from
GE Appliance Store, San Jose, CA
Western Appliance (sign)
Sands Motel (sign), 1787 Monterey Rd.
Five Spot Drive-In (detail), 869 S. 1st Street

Buena Park Mall, Buena Park, CA (photo by C. Jepsen)
LeBaron's, Highway 191, Idaho Falls, Idaho (postcard)
Desert View Motel, Route 66, Holbrook, AZ
Peter Pan Motel, Santa Cruz, CA (photo courtesy PlanetSOMA)
Sign for
three Florida motels: The Vanguard, The Sea Missile and one other
Fresno Motel & Coffee Shop, Fresno, CA (photo courtesy PlanetSOMA)
Stardust Motel, Sacramento, CA (photo courtesy PlanetSOMA)

1939, New York, Bridge of Tomorrow (A possible fore-runner to googie)
1962, Seattle,
Space Needle
1962, Seattle,
Alweg Monorail
1962, Seattle,
Century 21 Expo
1964, New York,
Plaza of the Astronauts (postcard), Unisphere & The Rocket Thrower
1964, New York,
Dancers at the DuPont Pavilion with molecule hats (Thanks to Ana Ng)

Terrazo (detail)
Flagcrete (detail)
Braniff UFO exhibit at Hallmark Freedomland, 1950s
Mural at the Townhouse Restaurant, Tallahassee, FL (digitally recovered by J. Lileks)
Model of a
UFO Diner by Lionel Trains
Space Age Wallpaper (detail 1)
Space Age Wallpaper (detail 2)
Phoenix Racetrack at night (photo from Lost America)
Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, CA (photo by Bob Hiles)
Tramway Gas Station, Palm Springs, CA
Tramway Gas Station (second view)
McDonald's -- Original building design
Futuro2, Philadelphia International Airport, PA, 1970s
St. Louis Science Center, St. Louis, MO
Prayer Tower, Oral Roberts University
GM Motorama traveling auto show, 1954
World of the Future (as depicted in 1960s religious tract)
Dorton Arena, Raleigh, NC, built 1950-51 (photo from K. Morgan, NCSU Library)
Lory Theater, Colorado State University
Woddle's Drive-Thru Diner
Set from the movie, Men In Black -- This film borrowed many googie designs motifs
Lincoln Road Pedestrian Mall, Miami Beach, FL -- design by Morris Lapidus
La Concha Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Osvaldo Toro & Miguel Ferrer
Americana Hotel, Miami Beach, FL, Morris Lapidus (photo by Ezra Stoller)
Apache Wells Mobile City, 2243 N. 56th St., Mesa, AZ (postcard)

The photography on this page has been provided for a variety of sources, as sited.