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MODCOM: The Los Angeles Conservancy's Modern Committee

Lotta Livin': MODCOM's message board is a great source for Googie news

Roadside Peek: Includes a Googie section

Historic Anaheim: Includes two articles (here and here) about Googie

Googie Art: Limited edition reproductions from the archives of Armet & Davis 

Anaheim History Room: Library archives include a Googie collection

Photos of the Forgotten: Photos of the urban landscape, including Googie

Progress City: Discuss yesterday's tomorrows. Googie is a frequent topic.

Society for Commercial Archeology

Yesterland: Includes a section on the original Tomorrowland

Johnie's Broiler: Help save an endangered landmark in Downey, Calif.

The Wich Stand: This L.A. Googie landmark is now a grocery store

Bob's Big Boy: This Burbank coffee shop combines Art Deco and Googie

Lendy's: Another "Big Boy" restaurant chain  

Denny's: A history of Denny's Coffee Shops

Atomic Coffee Shops: Addresses for a few Googie coffee shops in L.A.

Greasy Spoon: 20th Century American restaurants, coffee shops & drive-ins

Smithsonian Magazine: December 2000 article about efforts to save Googie

Recent Past Preservation Network

1964 New York World's Fair: Googie's last stand. Also read more here or here.

John Lautner: The first Googie's was an early project of this great architect A great American humorist digs the great American roadside

Gobbler Redux: A follow-up to the Gobbler Motel "tribute" at

Lost America: Night photography of the ruins of lost America

Museum of Neon Art

American Sign Museum

Dreams of Space: Space art in 1950s-1970s children's books

Shag: Those who like Googie will probably enjoy the art of Shag